We are a Social Cooperative Enterprise!

The idea of kookoonari first emerged in 2016, when a group of graduate -back then- students started contemplating the future. Gradually the idea for kookoonari matured, taking concrete form. And so in 2019, Maria Stroumpa designed and coordinated a project called kookoonari, the goal of which was to create the 1st Zero Waste kindergarten in Greece. In collaboration with Sofia Petridou and with the support of the “START – Create Cultural Change” program, a multi-month educational intervention in the 10th kindergarten of Komotini was implemented. Since then, the kookoonari project has continued to grow and visit several schools, festivals and various venues. In 2022 the group gathered again and all together now (Maria, Sofia, Victoria, Tania and Artemis) founded a Social Cooperative Enterprise (S.C.P.) to inspire more and more people to become “kookoonari”!

The decision to establish a Social Cooperative Enterprise and not a business of any other legal form was not by chance. In kookoonari we strongly believe in the principles of the Social and Solidarity Economy (S.S.E.) and in collective efforts for a better and fairer present and future. In S.S.E. initiatives that focus on social solidarity, the creation of common goods and self-management through horizontal procedures are included. All the above are the driving force of our way we work and act.

Our compass is the international cooperative values such as direct democracy, equality, justice, solidarity. For these reasons, great importance is given both to networking with other initiatives and with communities that share these principles, as well as to supporting other initiatives that work for the benefit of the society and the environment.

The aim of a Social Cooperative Enterprise is, among other things, the creation of specific working conditions that promote the development not only of each individual member but also of the entire enterprise in various fields. In addition, in all the activities of the cooperative, our criterion is the protection and not the burden on the natural environment.

Like any Social Cooperative Enterprise, kookoonari is managed by its own members. We are all equal members and participate with one vote per member in the collective decisions, no matter what the cooperative shares of each member are. All the decisions are taken during our regular General Assemblies, following the principles of direct democracy.

The Board of Directors implements the decisions of the General Assembly and operates on the basis of them, the statute and the operating regulations. Additionally, all members of kookoonari have an active participation both in the general assemblies, as well as in the various working groups, committees and in general in the activities of the Social Cooperative Enterprise. 

Last but not least, there is no exclusive member who benefits from the profits that may arise from the activities of the Social Cooperative Enterprise. On the contrary, when there are profits, a small percentage is distributed to the employees and the rest returns to society through actions that benefit the citizens.