Our Philosophy

So why “kookoonari”?

Because through nature we see people. Because we believe that their ecological footprint could mimic that of the pine tree. This means that the waste produced by people could become soil, instead of remaining on the EARTH for years or forever. So this is the perspective that the Social Cooperative Enterprise “kookoonari” aims to “plant”. For this reason we are active in the field of Zero Waste, Circular Economy and Environmental Education.


Our goals

Quality Education

To provide quality education for people of all ages, tailored to the needs of each group/community.

Cultivating Values

To cultivate values, change attitudes and promote pro-environmental behavior.

Taking Action

To inspire and support individuals and communities who wish to take action for the benefit of both society and the environment.


To collaborate with agencies, groups, communities & individuals who share common values.

Our philosophy and values

Pedagogical principles

The actions we plan and implement at ”kookoonari” are based on specific pedagogical principles and philosophy. We emphasize the process and not just the outcome. We focus not only on cognitive goals but also on emotions, teamwork and interaction. We believe that knowledge is something to build up in a social context and not just transmit (constructivism).

The interventions we design and implement follow the principles of the experiential approach, taking into account that each person has their own way of learning and developing. Certainly this happens when someone is involved in activities that interest them and in which they can express opinions, propose ideas, cooperate and participate with their whole being – mind, emotion, body.

Environmental principles

Our thinking has been shaped by contemporary ecocentric theories, which recognize the relatedness, unity, and inherent worth of human and non-human organisms on Earth. In contrast to anthropocentrism, where almost everything has instrumental and economic value, we oppose a more ecocentric view respecting everyone’s equal rights to life and well-being. We therefore believe that the way we perceive ourselves, nature and people’s interaction with the natural environment needs to be transformed.

With these thoughts and principles, kookoonari aims to continue its journey and  to grow in schools and other welcoming places, in order to plant its idea, inspiring this way more and more people.

Think differently, act NATURally, become… kookoonari!