In 2016 a group of then postgraduate students first came up with the idea of kookoonari when they started thinking about the future. Although it was an abstract, general idea that took many forms, it always revolved around a key element: the redefinition of the connection between human and nature. This idea grew into its final, more specific form, kookoonari.

So why kookoonari?

Our initiative is named “kookoonari” (Greek for pinecone) because human waste should be like a pinecone, for it becomes soil when falling down instead of polluting earth for years or forever. This is the point of view that “kookoonari” wants to “plant”.

2019 was just the beginning!

2019 was just the beginning! Supported by the “START – Create Cultural Change” program, a small project was designed and implemented by Maria Stroumpa in Nuremberg, Germany: “micro kookoonari”.

So, the idea began to grow. “Micro kookoonari” became “kookoonari” when it successfully was selected as one of the 15 ideas to be implemented in Greece and to be further supported by the “START – Create Cultural Change” program.

Therefore, “kookoonari” started its adventures in Komotini, by training the school community of the 10th Public Kindergarten according to the Zero Waste philosophy, trying to create the first Zero Waste Kindergarten in Greece.

“Kookoonari” will continue visiting more schools and working with teams in order to sow the Zero Waste ideas, inspiring more and more people.

Think differently, act NATURally , become… kookoonari!