“micro kookoonari”

Promoting Zero Waste philosophy in Nuremberg

“Micro kookoonari” was a mini project implemented by Maria Stroumpa, as a fellow of the “START – Create Cultural Change” program, in Nuremberg, Germany. The aim of the project was to promote the principles of Zero Waste philosophy through three events, supported by the Kulturbüro Muggenhof – Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG. The first one was addressed to children aged 5 and 8 years of the 1st Private Greek School of Nuremberg. Through a floor game, the children discovered their ecological footprint and found alternatives that can help them reduce their waste. The two other events were addressed to adults, aiming at familiarizing them with the Zero Waste philosophy. In collaboration with the “Zero Waste Helden Nuremberg” team there were presented Zero Waste initiatives taking place in Nuremberg, there were conducted speeches and workshops for making handmade toothpaste and beeswax cloth wrap. Children and adults took their first Zero Waste steps as you can see below.


A lot of people have contributed to the implementation of these actions and we keep exchanging ideas with many of them, so we would like to thank each one individually.

—From the Culture Center Kulturbüro Muggenhof – Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG, we thank: Kiki Lucaciu, Stefanie Dunker, Daniela Drechsler and Maria Bummer. Both Kiki Lucaciu and Stefanie Dunker still support us, giving us advice on how to organize actions, due to their long experience in this field.

—We are grateful to Roland Mietke, Richard Klumm and Sonja Kloss, members of the “Zero Waste Helden Nuremberg” team, with whom we keep in touch, exchanging ideas and good practices for promoting Zero Waste through our actions.

—Special thanks to Grigorios Nikiforidis from the 1st Private Greek School of Nuremberg

—We are thankful to Stefanie Seidel and Anja Bittner, members of the “MUT” team of Treffpunkt e.V. cultural center.

—Finally, we would like to thank Kristina Jalova for capturing the “micro kookoonari” moments in the photos and videos below.