Become kookoonari” educational program


We design and implement short-term or long-term educational programs to help schools, creative centres, cafes and various types of enterprises to become Zero/Low Waste. Our goal is for more and more people to “think differently, act NATURally and become kookoonari”.

These experiential education programs enable the participants to critically process the waste problem and share personal concerns and ideas.

Participatory workshops are also carried out (e.g. making of natural cosmetics, reusable bags, beeswax cloth wraps, handmade playdough, etc.), in order to help participants to implement the Zero Waste principles in their everyday life. These workshops are adapted to the needs of each audience.

Here you can learn more about the first long-term program for creating the first Zero Waste School in Greece, which took place at the 10th Public Kindergarten of Komotini (January-June 2020).

Our goal is to create a network of teams and places that want to become Zero Waste! If you are interested in participating in our activities and having them organized in your own team or space, contact us and we will design a program that will meet your specific needs!


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